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Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush (1968)
Client: Richard Williams Studio
Designer: Bill Rhoads

This psychedelic title sequence has live action backgrounds put through a process known as solarisation. Exhaustive colour and exposure testing was required when black & white high contrast films were struck from the live action plates to get the required effect when compositing with Richard Williams Studio's funky art.

Malcolm Bubb, 2010: "I was one of the Technicians who created the Main Titles for this movie. It was created on an Oxberry Aerial Image Camera System using Interpositives, various High Contrast copies of the original footage and Matte and Master Cell artwork for the Credits.
Many different passes where made within the Camera and a Projector Bi-Pack system with High Contrast Effects running with the original backgrounds to achieve the vibrant colours, sometimes with as many as 5 different elements running at the same time.
This was very time consuming and very complicated for its time, probably a doddle to do now using modern post production techniques. Tricky to remember all this now as it was over 44 years ago."


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All text was hand drawn, cel animated artwork by the Richard Williams Studio.