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The Mission (1986)
Director: Roland Joffé
Film Editor: Jim Clark
First Assistant Editor: Bryan Oates

When editor Bryan Oates briefed us, he asked if we could make two shots grimmer by adding some blood for added shock value. The first shot had three stunt men 'being executed' as they stood with their hands up in a canoe. As they fell into the water, they looked too clean and he really would have liked to see more blood and an exit wound as they span into the river.

Dave Smith was going to supervise the optical shoot and Bryan asked in-house artist Costas to be extreme with his animation so the blood and guts really registered in frame. Dave shot the optical as bipack on the aerial image projector, whereby the live action background interpos was run simultaneously with the animation shot in red on a white (clear) background.

The last shot requiring work had a lady in a white dress and again, could we add blood. See if you can spot the red blood patch as the man turn her body, it's over very quickly! We decided to put the blood patch exactly on the spot where the man lays his hand down on the woman.